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How easy is it to open an Online Store on an International E-commerce Platform?

What makes online shopping amazing is the convenience it offers customers. You can order nearly anything from the comfort of your living room using a laptop or your mobile phone.  Delivery will only take a couple of days, and it will be brought at your doorstep: no long queues and crowded marketplaces even during the festive seasons. This is the beauty of online shopping.

Although convenient, some entrepreneurs shy away from the concept of launching an online business only because they feel they are not tech savvy. You would be surprised at how supportive the right international e-commerce platform can be at helping you launch your online business.

Most of them will do the hard and technical work for you so that all you have to do is focus on marketing and selling and not the technical aspects of your web store.

Such e-commerce platforms include but are not limited to:

  • Shopify Plus
  • Woocommerce
  • Tictail
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento

Take for example opening an online store with Shopify. This is a relatively simple process and would not cost you a dime at the beginning.  The steps below will help you to create your online store on Shopify which is one of the leading international e-commerce platforms.

  • Go to
  • Select your business name. You should feel free to select any name that is aligned with your business. However, if you are not happy with the name you can always change it later.
  • Open a free shipping Shopify Plus account
  • Choose a theme for your online store. There are numerous themes available, and you are free to choose one that you feel makes your store look more inviting and unique. You can always edit or change your theme as you please.
  • Add your logo or brand. If you don’t have a ready logo, the Shopify logo maker feature will help you come up with something.
  • Create your standard pages. The most important ones are: About us, privacy and returns, terms and conditions, shipping and delivery information and a contact us page. These are sufficient to get you started.
  • Payment gateway – Be sure to add payment gateway, so you can receive money for purchases.
  • Adjust your shipping settings accordingly. You can always re-adjust when there is a need.
  • Add your billing information
  • Add your products to the store

This is the basics that you need to get done to have your Shopify online store ready, and you would be open for business. The process is relatively smooth so that you can do it yourself.


Shopify Plus gives you a free 14-day trial period at zero cost. After the trial period, you may opt to continue or discontinue. Should you choose to stay, there is $65 charge that will apply. Once on board, you don’t have to worry about technical maintenance, and you can focus on selling and customizing your store.

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